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29 Dec 2012
I have a lot of things we can not control,

I have a lot of things that we want to happen,

Obviously there are a lot of people is that we do not want to see,

Obviously ... ...

Jay Chou 's new song [ ] very obviously love, a lot of things lifestyle, a lot of people is this way, we are incapable of action.

As long as the good attitude to accept change, then it will only be smart turned to accept it!

In fact, this is the joke, we can change the things that I think it is very little! World so big, and so much, how can a person says to change Claire Hsu? I have often wondered if I had been living, people around me will also will be infected, will like this life with me? Often thought of here , the time will be very hard very optimistic, not only for me and for my friends, life is wrong, we can't give up yourself. Negative can be, but do not always sink in that realm, the negative is a very terrible thing, once the trap will be very difficult to extricate oneself.

Tomorrow is the end of the world, this time very calm nothing abnormal new Harvard's car models, Marceau predicted that hope is not really, not really , life and sunshine, we dare such a curtain?


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